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Tulsa Emergency Dentist

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Emergencies and accidents have no respect for timing. So when your teeth are involved – it can be extremely painful.

Worst yet, dental emergencies can cause more damage to your dental well being if they aren’t addressed immediately. That is why you need to seek the attention of a Tulsa emergency dentist whenever you have a dental emergency.


Get Emergency Dental Care 24/7

Emergency dentists are different from your regular dentists in that they attend to more pressing issues. And they can see patients on short notice without an appointment.

These dentists can attend to you on weekends, odd hours – such as midnight, holidays, and most any other time that you may require their services.

So, which situations qualify to be regarded as a dental emergency? How can an emergency dentist help you? Read on to get answers to these and more questions that you have regarding a Tulsa emergency dentist.


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When to Contact or Visit a Tulsa Emergency Dentist

Emergency dental visits in Tulsa qualify as an emergency when you have severe situations that are more than just sensitive teeth. These situations include:

Toothache with swelling or fever – A toothache emergency is one of the most common dental problems. When the pain is accompanied by swelling or fever – do not wait to seek help. This could be a sign of something more severe and requires the immediate attention of a dentist. A tender or red gum may be signs of swelling. When you experience any of these signs, and at the same time, you are suffering from a toothache – visit your dentist as soon as possible. If an emergency tooth extraction is required, it is best to get it done sooner than later.

Tulsa Emergency Dentist

Accidentally Knocked Out Your Tooth – Have you knocked out your tooth? You need to visit the dentist as fast as possible. When you get your tooth knocked-out and fail to take action immediately, it will not only leave embarrassing gaps in your smile but also expose you to further dental problems. These may include a weakening and breakdown of the jawbone and shifting teeth.

You need to preserve the tooth and reach your dentist within an hour to stand a chance of getting it restored. Keeping the tooth in the mouth or milk is an excellent way to preserve it. Avoid handling the knocked-out tooth, or teeth too much so that you don’t damage any surfaces. Also, you should not touch the area where the tooth was knocked-out to avoid causing more damage.

Severe Bleeding – If you have severe bleeding in your gums or jaws, you should visit a dentist as fast as possible. This can be especially worrying if you have undergone a dental surgery recently because it can be a sign something is wrong with the procedure. Bleeding means you have an area that is exposed in the mouth, which can lead to infection. Therefore, this calls for immediate attention from a dentist.

Chipped Tooth – When you have a chipped tooth and don’t visit a dentist immediately, you risk getting your tooth damaged further. You should visit a dentist quickly if you get your tooth cracked or chipped to prevent it from getting more damaged. A chipped tooth filling can be done quickly by the dentist. Besides, you won’t be able to speak or eat comfortably when you have a cracked tooth because whenever it comes into contact with something cold or hot, it will become sensitive.

Loose or Broken Braces – When the wires of the braces break or become loose, you need to visit your nearest dentist as fast as possible. These wires can pierce you in the mouth if left hanging loose. You should never try to fix them by yourself because you may cause more harm than good.

Broken Your Jaw – This is a situation you can never take lightly. When you get your jaw broken, don’t wait until business hours or an appointment to visit a dentist – call a Tulsa emergency dentist immediately.

Abscess and or Pus – When you have an abscess, it means you have an infection, and you require emergency dental care. This could be worse if you had dental surgery recently because it means the procedure went wrong. You may never be able to tell if you have an abscess until you experience pain due to inflammation. If you undergo a dental procedure, you must check the area regularly to note any signs that all is not well and contact a Tulsa emergency dentist immediately.


How a Dentist can Help you in an Emergency

Treating dental emergencies varies depending on the situation. When you visit an emergency dentist, you can expect to get the following treatment options depending on your situation.

Pain reliever

Most, if not all the dental emergencies have one thing in common – excruciating pain. It is probably the first sign and reason that will drive you to seek dental emergency services. When you visit a dentist, you will most likely get a painkiller to help calm you down before the dentist continues with the treatment.

Get Your Tooth Reattached

When you have a cracked tooth, an emergency dentist will provide composite boding to prevent further cracking.

In the case of a completely broken or knocked out tooth, you can have it reattached if you reach your dentist before it dies. If you took more than an hour to reach the dentist or the tooth wasn’t preserved well, chances of getting it back are slim.

The most the dentist can do when you reach him or her too late is to repair the gum to avert infection. However, all isn’t lost because you can get dental implants or dental bridges fitted to enable you to eat and speak with a full set of teeth.

However, if your tooth was broken or came out due to gum disease or decay, you may not get your tooth back. The dentist may recommend other treatment options since any attempt to reinstall a tooth will only offer a short-term solution.

If you have other teeth that are also decaying, it may be in your best interest to extract them. At that point, other alternatives, like dental implants would be considered.

Emergency Dental Services

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Some dental emergencies such as severe bleeding, abscess, and swelling will require your dentist to clean and disinfect them immediately. Antibacterial and antibiotic treatments may also be prescribed. These conditions may require further examination and treatment.

Always remember that delaying to reach a dentist in case of an emergency increases the chances of more and permanent damage.

When you do reach a dentist, explain everything in detail to help them understand your problem so they can come up with the best solution.

When you encounter an emergency dental situation – don’t panic. Instead, contact a Tulsa emergency dentist without delay. As a professional, they can bring back your wonderful smile – even in the worst of cases. You can call us at any time – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

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